Our Services

Financial Planning  

    • Investment Advisory & Implementation 
    • Retirement Planning
    • Estate Planning
    • Asset Protection
  • Tax Planning

Tax Return Preparation  

The services offered by David P. Griffith, P.A. fall into two broad categories – Income Tax Return Preparation & Financial Planning.

Income Tax Return Preparation

Federal, State, & Local Income Tax Returns for Individuals, Estates, and Trusts

As needed, our income tax return preparation services also include:

  • Estimated tax payments
  • Correspondence with the IRS and state & local tax agencies

Fees – Fees for our tax preparation services are based on the time involved and the complexity of the returns.  Our standard rates range from $50 to $210 per hour, plus out-of-pocket costs.   The amount of time required varies not only with the issues involved, but also with the manner in which the information is organized.   (Well-organized information requires less time on our part).   In an attempt to provide some degree of consistency with tax return preparation charges, the fee for existing clients will be approximately the same as the previous year’s fee, unless there are identifiable reasons for a significant change.   For new clients, a fee will be quoted if we have a good basis for doing so.   The minimum fee for tax return preparation is $300.

Financial Planning

Our financial planning services are customized for each client’s needs and wishes, ranging from hourly consultations to comprehensive financial planning.   For clients who enjoy handling the details of their own financial affairs, who feel comfortable and competent with regard to the tax and financial issues affecting their situation, and who have the time to commit, periodic consultations may be sufficient.   For others, a higher degree of  professional involvement may be warranted.   Generally, our clients start with a consultation which is designed to provide some general guidance with regard to issues that are of the most concern at the time.   For clients who are interested in more-detailed services, a fee will be quoted after a brief review of the client’s financial situation, and the initial consultation fee will be applied towards the more-detailed services.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Financial planning is an ongoing process of reviewing your financial situation and developing the appropriate strategies to meet your goals and objectives.   It includes all financial issues – asset protection, investments, taxation, retirement, and estate issues.   These are issues which generally   need to be addressed on a continual basis.   In addition, financial planning includes more-specific issues such as the funding of education.   Our comprehensive financial planning services include:

  • a detailed review of your financial information
  • a summary of your financial data into statements that show your current financial position and projected cash flow
  • assistance with budgeting and debt management
  • a detailed analysis of your investment situation with suggestions for general allocations and specific investments
  • a review of your current insurance coverage and an analysis of your insurance needs
  • a review of your current tax situation and possible tax planning strategies
  • projections of your retirement needs and sources of income
  • long-term projections of wealth accumulation and depletion
  • a review of estate taxes and related considerations
  • a written report which summarizes our   observations and recommendations regarding your financial situation
  • a meeting with you to discuss the plan and any revisions that might be appropriate
  •  guidance and assistance with implementing plan recommendations
  • consultations and advice regarding miscellaneous financial matters which you may face

Fees – A fee will be quoted after considering the assets and issues involved.   There is a minimum fee of $4,500 for comprehensive financial planning.

Abbreviated Financial Plans

Abbreviated Financial Plans include:

  • Plans that are designed to give an overall review of your financial situation, on a more-limited basis than a comprehensive plan
  • Plans that focus on one or more areas, but do not include a detailed review of all financial matters

Fees – A fee will be quoted after considering the assets and issues involved.   There is a minimum fee of $2,000 for abbreviated financial plans.

Investment Advisory & Implementation

Our investment-related services range from guidance and education to detailed review, planning, and implementation.  Investment Advisory & Implementation includes establishing investment account(s), reviewing investment holdings, and conducting investment transactions.   This is effectively an abbreviated financial plan which focuses on investments.

Fees – Investment Advisory & Implementation services are available based on a fee that ranges from .25% to 1.0% of the investment value, with a minimum fee of $1,500.

Consultations & Miscellaneous Services

Consultations include meetings and correspondence designed to give general advice and guidance.   Miscellaneous tax, investment, and financial planning services are available as directed by the client.

Fees – The initial consultation fee is $300.   Fees for miscellaneous services are based on the time involved at our standard hourly rates ranging from $50 to $200.