A Message From The President

Thank you for visiting – a special thanks to my current clients and a warm welcome to those considering my services.  

In establishing this practice, I saw the need for independent financial advisory services.  It’s important to me that I always be in a position to be a trusted financial advisor.  Thus, all services are provided on a fee-only basis.  Not only do I believe this to be best for my clients, it’s who I am.  I would not be comfortable directing a client to make an investment or purchase a product that would benefit me, and I don’t want to be in a position where that might even appear to be the case.   In the event that such a situation would ever arise, I vow to disclose any conflicts or potential conflicts of interest.   Objectivity is obviously at the core of my business philosophy.   Confidentiality, however, is probably an even stronger underlying philosophy and practice, and I am always mindful of preserving the confidentiality of clients and prospective clients.   During my career, I have continuously exercised the highest degree of professional integrity.  In addition to objectivity and confidentiality, I value honesty, fairness, and trust – and it’s easy for me to incorporate these into my business dealings since they are instilled in me as an individual.  

My services are tailored to the needs and wishes of my clients.  I can play a primary role or my involvement might be more supportive in nature.  I find that there is a strong interrelationship between individual income taxes, financial planning, and investment management.  While I offer services in all of these areas, there is no need for me to do so with each client.  Often, clients are comfortable handling certain aspects of their financial affairs or have existing relationships with other financial advisors or tax professionals, in which case, my services will be limited to areas where there may be a deficiency.

My clients are encouraged to contact me whenever they have questions, and I invite prospects who might be considering my services to do the same.

Best wishes to all for good health, happiness, and financial success!


David P. Griffith, CPA, CFP